YEAR: 2018

CLIENT: Raquel González de Heredia, Unai Fernández de Retana

PLOT: Sector 19, Aretxabaleta. Vitoria-Gasteiz

TEAM: Ainhoa del Río, Olatz Iñigo, revirtualiza, Iosu Madina, CALESA (estructura), Amaiba Ingeniería

AWARDS: Work selected in the building category of the awards COAVN 2019


The strategy

The building corresponds to the typology of a single-family detached house, consisting of 2 floors above ground and a basement floor for parking facilities and outdoor space.

The plot was initially excavated at basement level, and the garden is to be located at this height, adopting criteria of sustainability, economic savings and privacy with respect to the surroundings.


The new architecture resulting from globalisation tends towards uniformity, the disappearance of the concept of regionalism, of the particularity of materials, of the means of production that are close to each other, and concentrates on architecture for architecture’s sake, on form for form’s sake. For this reason, it makes sense to call for an architecture that takes context and meaning into account; that identifies form and typology with the user’s feelings.

Form can once again become the modelling of function and neutrality can be abandoned for greater personalisation, which better identifies the house with the user.

On the ground floor there are two outdoor areas that serve, one as access to the house and the other as a leisure space for the living room.

The personality

The strong personality of an architectural work is confronted with the excess of being described as a spectacle. The fact that a work is personal and exclusive does not mean that it has to be excessive.

It is a question of designing the house with a specialised enclosure and with the construction techniques currently offered by industry, but above all, it must have character, an identity of its own that strengthens the sense of belonging and expresses the intensity of the moment in which we are living.