YEAR: 2003

CLIENT: Gasocentro Vitoria S.A. Ernesto Salazar

PLOT: Polígono industrial de Júndiz. Vitoria-Gasteiz

TEAM: Javier Mozas (co-author), Juanma Galera, Eduardo Martín (estructura), Retailgas, Angel Martínez, Cesar San Millán.


The difficulty lay in achieving a unitary image for the project, overcoming the difference in scale and establishing a dialogue between two such divergent elements as the canopy (refuelling area) and the control building.

The main conditioning factors when tackling the project were, on the one hand, the circulation routes of the vehicles, most of which are large and large lorries, and on the other, to design a building capable of becoming an eye-catching element, a showcase for the activity carried out and easily located from the A1 motorway within a controlled and rather low cost.

The buildings are generated from the folding of the horizontal plane of the land. A single material defines with its geometry different spaces with different uses. This folded element formally unifies the two buildings, refuelling and control.